Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Have you heard about YOUDATA?

This is an amazing new program out there. Since it is new you do not get paid very much; however, you are paid EVERY week. No matter how little you have made. My first week I only $0.09!!! That is it, however, I still got my Paypal payment. This is a SUPER EASY site also. All you do is set up your account and fill out the short surveys(i suggest doing all of these). Then the youdata company "sells" your information(like what kind of drink you like) to a company. That company in turn sends you their ad to view. You are paid to look at their ad! How easy is that?!?!?
They also have a great referral program. You get $1 for every referral and those are paid along with your weekly earnings! How easy would it be to get people to sign up for something that is this simple!
Come check it out.

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