Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another Diapers.com Code!

OK, I am going to be posting a lot about this company because next to Expo TV it is my new favorite thing!.So far I have only placed one order- but it came in two days and I have had a lot of emails from you guys raving about the service!.Here is a quick recap of the deal:
Spend $49 in merchandise and get free shipping.
If you are a new customer you get TWO great discounts: 1. $10 off your first purchase with code: MYFR4038. New customers get a free magazine subscription as well. If you don't want the magazine- send in the rebate form and get $14.97 back. So you essentially get $24.97 off your first order!.Now they sell everything you can think of- not just diapers. They have toys and clothes too..You can also send in manufacturer coupons for everything on the site- I am getting ready to send my $5 Luvs coupon and I am sending in some of the Hasbro coupons from HERE. It takes 7-10 days for them to be credited to your account, then you can just order the items and your coupons will be automatically credited against your purchase!.If that isn't good enough they will match competitor pricing! As long as you provide evidence of the price- like the current Rite Aid ad with $8.99 Huggies diapers- they will match the price on your order! So basically you need to spend $49 at a time but you are going to get the best price available, you can use coupons AND you don't have to leave the house. Reader Jen had them price match the current Luvs price on Alice.com for $6.78 on a Jumbo pack. They also honored the $1 coupons available at Alice.com for 8 Jumbo packs! So she paid $5.78 per pack- now I can pretty much guarantee that is the best price you will find anywhere after coupon. If she sends in her $5 coupon from Luvs- she can get the Jumbos for $1.78 after price match!!.You can also get 10% off everything else with code: PLUS10PCT. .Click HERE to have a look around. You need to sign in and create a new account before you can mail your coupons in. I am going to mail in a bunch of coupons tomorrow and I will post the details of my next order once they are credited.

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