Thursday, October 15, 2009 -Deals Delivered To Your Door

Have you ever thought about shopping online, but then think I can do better with a coupon?
Well, is now giving you the opportunity to use that coupon! Not only that, it will remind you when you might need something again!
For someone like me who lives rural, this is awesome! I hate driving 25 miles to find that CVS doesn’t have what I am looking for!
So how does work? It’s quite simple actually. Find the item you are looking for. So here I am searching for Suave Shampoo.Once all the options appear for the items, you will see a little blue burst with the available coupon amount next to the product.If you click on the blue burst, you will see the coupon information pop up.You simply add the item to your cart by clicking add product. You can tell when you want to be reminded. You can also choose I don’t know.

Here are some great benefits to shopping

1. Get free offers free shipping with every order.

2. Manage and automate your is a service, similar to Netflix, that makes it very easy for you to manage and automate this entire category of goods so you never run out.

3. Use budgeting and advanced planning let’s you plan your purchases in this category, helping you budget and focus your spending, and avoid impulse purchases at the store.

4. Take advantage of competitive prices.You won’t overpay for the tremendous convenience of Alice. In addition to always free shipping, Alice’s prices are competitive with the traditional mass retailers.

5. Get coupons applied has a completely new couponing system. We automatically find and apply coupons for you on thousands of products, making it easy to save even more without any extra effort.

6. Save time and eliminate store saves you time by eliminating store trips so you can do things that do matter.

7. Find all your favorite brands Although just getting started, product assortment is very broad, and we plan to continue to both major brands and the specialty brands you can’t always find on the store shelf.

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